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Virtual Booth: Bringing the power of a virtual photo booth to the people

More than ever before, people want to feel connected to others in fun and meaningful ways, which has brought about the concept of the Virtual Photo Booth. A web-based branded photo booth solution, the Virtual Booth brings people together with shared experiences, and allows brands to connect with users in a unique format.

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Besides the standard functions of a photo booth — custom designs, virtual “green screen” effects, sharing, and galleries — the Virtual Booth system can also include the following elements:

Animated effects and sequences can be added to the overlay or background (or both!) to create a dynamic final result that users will want to share.

For brands looking to gather data from users, a custom survey can be inserted within the workflow to accomplish just that.

Virtual Group Photos
Can’t hang out with your friends, but want a photo with them? This unique feature allows users to take a photo of themselves and add it to a “sticker gallery”. When another user takes a photo, they can add a photo of anyone in the gallery to their photo, creating a virtual group photo.

Contest Mode
For event planners and brands, one of the trickiest things about hosting virtual events and campaigns is engagement. Will people actually participate? Well, we all know people love games and prizes, so the Contest Mode taps into that by presenting a virtual “scratcher” at the end of the session where they have a chance to win a prize. Don’t have any prizes to give out? We can handle production and design of branded giveaways, and even facilitate all of the distribution while you sit back and let users enjoy your Virtual Booth activation.

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